The gas pipeline in JapanFThe present situation and view
In shortly Japan-domestic, too
The time which needs real gas and a pipeline-network
The railroad and expressway
[[ from the postwar days and so on
To approximately the gas and the fiber-optic networks the ending, next of the nucleus infrastructure


In Japan, LNG began at Alaska as fuel for the town gas and the power generation in 1969 and was imported. By featuring, the natural gas pipeline develops mainly in the LNG base and the country can say. Also, 70 percent of the LNG import volume are used for the electric power and 30 percent are used for the town gas.

On the occasion of Niigata Nakakoshi earthquake, it considered the fragility ( the stop of the power plant of the power of the nuclear reactor of Tokyo Electric Power and Kashiwazaki in Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazaki ) of the supply system of the electric power energy and this institute contributed this article.

As for it, unexpectedly, when the eastern Japan great earthquake ( March, 2011 ) this time occurred, too, the nuclear power plant of Tokyo Electric Power and 1st of Fukushima fell into the abeyance of being suffered and the management likewise.

By this thing, Tokyo Electric Power jurisdiction in the metropolitan area caused power supply lack in the summertime. By introducing this article below, it feels happy if becoming the some help of the earthquake disaster reconstruction this time.

á Asian Infrastructure Research Institute â

As therefore the characteristic of the pipeline-network:

1) The pipeline-network of the gulf going-along centered on the LNG base

2) The distribution network of the town gas in the large metropolitan area. It consists of -- and so on.

As the long-range pipeline

‡@ "Niigata-Tokyo " line in Teikoku Oil

‡A " Niigata - Sendai " lie of Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd. of "

There are [[ and so on.

¡ It is a gas line network in the eastern Japan-Kyushu.

It supports a wide area service by the government, the deregulation. The proposed measure of the government to have turned to the wide area pipeline ( the gas line network ) service by the natural gas became clear on June 12th.

In addition to assuming a construction route to Kyushu from Kanto and adjusting the interest of the gas company and so on, it reviews a support plan at the axis in the deregulation. It forwards the new entry of the power generation business who made it easy in addition to reducing Mishap risk to build a thermal power plant in the area along a railway line and glared at the deregulation of electric utilities.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry opens a natural gas shift basis service ad hoc committee on the 13th and shows the report draft which heaped up the serviceable policy of the wide area gas line network.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry gathers a serviceable basic policy during this year, too, based on the report.

Gas line network's servicing a wide area, becoming a pillar:

‡@ It reviews a construction route including Yokohama [Tita(’m‘½) ( Aichi ), ‡A Ehime ( Hyougo )[Kitakyuushuu, ‡B Nagaoka ( Niigata )[Okegawa ( Saitama ), ‡C Nagaoka [Hikone(•Fª) ( Shiga ) [[
are cosidered.

The idea to cut down a building cost and so on, too, in the future and to want to start a service with the gas company in each place If " the private business " is supposed " to service and should go " in the report about the building cost, the method which the user of gas is burdened with as the principle makes desirable.

The direction where the government, too, only, pushes business by the reduction of the deregulation and the tax burden of the land use and so on.

Moreover, when expecting gas demand expansion by the future and doing a rather fat pipeline at the facilities, it reviews finance support for the gas company, too.
||( " Nihon Keizai Shimbun ", June 13th, 2012 )




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