According to
the opening of Japan and Korea tunnel,
there will be change in the distribution movement
by Kyushu area how or?


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žWhat change according to the opening of Japan and Korea tunnel, will Iki and Tsushima have?

Approximately 30 km and there is a distance between Iki and Tsushima and Kyushu mainland more as much as 60 km. Therefore, it becomes possible to come and go the other day as much as 10-20 minutes if the Superexpress or a linear motorcar(Maglve) is accepted.

Of course, if there is "Kodama " type of the local train, too, like Tokaido-shinkansen, the nonstop " Hikari " type coexists. The " Kodama " type of the local train stops to Iki and Tsushima. The people where the transportation supply stretches substantially and being becomes more easy.

žWhat are future industrial resources of Iki and Tsushima?

‡@ The resort residential area where Iki utilized a natural view from the placement as Main Street with East Asia like Tsushima
‡A The upbringing of the local industry
‡B The attracting construction of the facilities
‡C The construction of the various sports facility
‡D The construction of the marina
‡E It provides such as -- the marathon course and so on and general local promotion with vitality is done.

žAccording to the opening of Japan and Korea tunnel, there will be change in the distribution movement by Kyushu area how or?

The distribution movement among Japan and Korea, it is the container by the railroad that receives benefit most above all in the completion of Japan and Korea tunnel.

Specifically, the distribution movement from the Japanese side ranges over all over the country approximately. The north is Hokkaidou and a northeast area. the part of the car and the electronics and the electronics product from the farm products which are and various goods such as the middle article is accumulated from various parts of Japan with the railroad container to Kyushu northern part.

Therefore, as for the orbit in the tunnel, using the three line rail that the Korean side freight train ( the gage: 1435 mm ) and the Japanese side freight train ( 1067 mm of the same ) can be run like Seikan-tunnel is regarded as being the best.

In the case, the container yard which is large in scale respectively becomes need to Kyushu northern part of the neighborhood of Korean side Pusan and the Japanese side. It is desirable that the cooperation comes off with the harbor, too, for these.

Incidentally, when making run 20 hours per day ( 4 hours of the remainder are maintenance ) by the round-trip every 15' ( four / 1 hour ) at 40 containers ( 20 ft of 12ft) per train, approximately 2,400,000 annual containers can be transported.

Therefore, the number of the tunnel gets anyhow when the freight ( one double track ), and the passenger ( one double track ), it need purpose of the condition, the undersea tunnel, with the service tunnel ( one ) for the taking refuge for the drainage minimum and to need Pilot tunnel ( one ) -- for it when need.

Therefore, in the future, the tunnel for the freight more already becomes one piece of need ( 5,000,000 pieces of annual demand ). Also, when final, the special tunnel of the linear motorcar(Maglve) by the rapid increase of the passenger, too, becomes need.

@(cf: "Japan-Korea-Undersea-Tunnel" ifrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


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