The Kyushu-shinkansenKagoshima Route)
is a whole line start of business.
Sanyo-shinkansen and Kyushu-shinkansen go directly.
March 12th, 2011

Kyushu shinkansen start of business and becames in one year

Kyushu Railway ( JR九州 ) released use results in the first fiscal year ( March 12th, 2011-March 11th, 12 ) in the Kyushu-Shinkansen Kagoshima route (九州新幹線鹿児島ルート)which reached a whole line practicing 1st anniversary on March 12th 2011.

As for the grand total between Hakata( 博多) -Kumamoto ( 熊本 ) which practiced being new, at 8,961,000 of the increase by 37 %, the goal didn't reach a little compared with the corresponding period of last year which was an old network limited express, increasing by 40 %.

Between, the Kumamoto which the part section practiced in the future-Kagoshima Center( 鹿児島中央) exceeding of it was substantially done 5,142,000 of 65 % increase and the goal of the increase by 40 %.

The boarding ratio ( the rate of the user who occupies to the number of seats ) between Hakata - Kumamoto is 42 % in all types of the cars average.

The popularity of 27 % and the through train stood out in " Tsubame(つばめ) " of 43 %, the local train in " Sakura(さくら) " that the through train with Shin-Osaka ( 新大阪) such as " Mizuho(みずほ) " runs only in 59 %, Kyushu.
ーー ( " Nihon Keizai Shimbun ", March 12th, 2012 )

Kyushu-shinkansen whole line practicing in March 12th, 2011

The whole line opening day in the Kyushu-Shinkansen Kagoshima Route in the spring became the prospect that March 12th comes next year. The JR person concerned clarified.

The operation already sets newly the decided train which 3 hours of fastest link within 47 minutes by squeezing a stop conscious of the competition with the aircraft in addition to " Sakura(さくら) " ( about 4 hours of required time ) to the direct line of Shin-Osaka which starts simultaneously with practicing - the Kagoshima Center between.

As for the name, the side of JR links Tokyo( 東京 ) and Kyushu ( 九州 ) area formerly and is adjusting the last in " Mizuho (みずほ)" which played an active part as the Blue Train( 夜行寝台 ) . Schedule that practicing is done according to the time schedule revision of each JR Inc. in the spring according to the JR person concerned

In the investigation of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, 85 % of the person who went from Kansai ( 関西 ) to Kagoshima in 2007 was using an aircraft and < the signboard train > which cuts 4 hours as the countermeasure to the aircraft which has overwhelming pulse duty factor judged the indispensability of the side of JR.

" Sakura(さくら)" The difference in " Mizuho (みずほ)" becomes the same as the relation of " Hikari (ひかり)" " Nozomi (のぞみ)" at Tokaido and in Sanyo-Shinkansen. " Mizuho " is the name of the bedstead limited express which linked Tokyo-Kumamoto and so on from 1961 to 94. It uses the vehicle which was based on latest model " the N700 type " which is the same as " Sakura(さくら)".

The probability which doesn't stop except Kumamoto when leaving Hakata inKyushu-shinkansen to Shin-Kobe( 新神戸) , Okayama( 岡山) , Hiroshima( 広島 ) , Kokura( 小倉) at least in Sanyo-Shinkansen like " Hikari (ひかり)" at " Sakura(さくら) " plans to set one to about 1 hour but the operation of " Mizuho(みずほ) " is regarded as becoming more determinative.
ーー ( " The Yomiuri Shimbun ", August 24th, 2010 )

△800 Type
" Tsubame(つばめ)"


△The car interior and guest room

△The deck

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